World taken right under my feet

About 3 years ago I started dating this girl that used to work with me at one of the towns local restaurants. I realised after 4 months that I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and she was so determined to do the same thing. The months and years went by and we couldn’t have been any closer as people, we absolutely adored being in each other’s company it was unreal.

Everything felt so electric, I loved her so so much. Then 4 weeks ago, out of the blue she wanted a break which in turn made it a break up in her end, I didn’t understand there was no red flags, nothing that suggested she was getting tired of the relationship, seemed to just happen in an instant.

I was heartbroken and still am to be honest and I don’t know if I’ll fully recover. Worst part is literally 3 days after she breaks up with me, she starts dating another guy who kinda has similar features to me. Brown hair, 5ft 10 and can grow a ginger beard.

It happened right before my 25th birthday as well and the sleepless nights have not stopped, constantly not being able to sleep or waking up at a really early time in morning like 5AM.

Rumour has it that he’s an ex of hers from 6 years ago but not sure if that’s true or anything.

Just felt like 3 years of my life got wasted on her.

World taken right under my feet