working is the most polluting thing you can do (on average)

You use a car to go to work, then you use computers, servers, services. Then you are creating profits.

Some of this profits are your salary which you use to buy things to relax after the hard working day. Then you buy a playstation or you watch tv because you have to relax. Or maybe you buy clothes, a lot, because you want to spend money.

The rest of the profit is for having a company which continue producing even more.

The rest is for the owners and the share holders which use that profits to go on an endless trip with a big boat around the earth, using lots of fuel.

The most polluting one can do is not eating less beef or not recycling.

But it is working.

If you had your food and house granted and an hobby , all you consume is the piano, the food and the electricity. And that would save all the 8 hours of producing co2 so that your boss can go around the earth.

Just an example.

Also because you want to work you move to a rich country, but that’s not as beautiful as a warm country where you could just lay in the sun and play guitar and drink juice from youe backyard.

But there’s greed, and it’s not our greed

working is the most polluting thing you can do (on average)