What hobby would fit me? Any I can do at night?

I currently do photography, drawing, and video games. I am disabled and have chronic pain if I even walk for 5 minutes. I would prefer a low cost or free hobby. I am autistic and have ADHD. I also have hypersensitivity issues to bugs, certain textures, and loud sounds. I hated these hobbies: coding, learning math, writing a novel, board games, ping pong, puzzles

My strengths are probably my writing being average or higher. I hyperfocus on a subject once it becomes of interest.

Weaknesses: Physically disabled, dislike programming or complicated processes, overwhelmed easily, sensitive to even a slight sense of failure

I own a guitar and hate how hard it is to play it . I tried piano. Disliked it. Tried ukulele and drums, disliked it.

What hobby would even fit me? I have one idea but my laptop recently broke mysteriously and has a huge crack distorting the screen, so I cannot do research papers.

What hobby would fit me? Any I can do at night?