What can I do?

So my computer is pretty much officially dead. It works but simple things crash it causing me to force power down it.

So now that a majority of my life is gone, I’d love some hobbies I can do for free and at home. Because I maybe have $100 and I still have a bill or two left to do so money doesn’t exist.

I already cycle and hike as much as I can but I really shouldn’t be doing it at all. Reading isn’t really doable. I would read manga online because that’s easier for me to focus on. I get headaches trying to read the small text in books.

Also it’s winter so I can’t really do a whole lot outside right now.

I do not work and instead get SSI for a number of mental disabilities. So I have endless time to stare at a wall because that’s all I can do.

I haven’t any systems or games to play them on. The only thing I have is the hand-me-down computer mentioned.

What can I do?