Very few people are actually ‘ugly’

I think the word ugly is ridiculously overused and easily thrown around.

I like to travel to a lot of cities and towns and rarely have I ever seen anyone man or woman whose truly ‘ugly’

I notice it a lot less in guys aswell maybe because I’m sexually attracted to women – like a guy in my group will say to one of the girls complaining she’s single – what about that guy there? “Ugh no he’s ugly”

Dudes face is symmetrical, hairs tidy, prominent cheek bones and youthful appearance – guys a stud to me.

I get called an 8-9 but I’ve seen guys who look better than me imo all the time – I do recognise women that I don’t think are so attractive a lot easier than guys so maybe it’s just because I like women ?

But ugly is a strong word, to me that means like – grotesque.

But then there’s the flip side where sometimes people who other people swear are attractive I really don’t see it like Ryan Gosling or Hugh jackman

I think a lot of the fawning over celebrities looks is is just due to the fanfare around them , if half of them weren’t famous I don’t think you’d look twice at em

But I do think Ariana Grande is sex on legs so maybe I’m just bias

Very few people are actually ‘ugly’