Tons of New Minis! (STL Releases in June and July)

Hi everyone :)

Found three creators that are releasing great Adeptus Mechancus 3D printable models in June and July

In **June**,

is releasing the Adventurers of the Mechanium – which contains everything you need,
including terrain. If you only have $16 this month, pick that one!

is releasing Octokron Ethernauts who make great Electropriests and Ogryn-based Kataphrons – or a full gang for Necromunda.
is releasing Bullet Dice for Necromunda as a **June Exclusive**

In **July**,

is releasing the first part of his Roman-themed Mechanicus army – and will probably keep releasing it till September. Also included are the **second part ** of his Chaos Knight and Rune Rider releases. The latter makes a great alternative to the Ornithopter, though the RoMech will probably have their own one.

Want more Squats and Chaos Knights? is releasing some in **June!**

Enjoy :)

Tons of New Minis! (STL Releases in June and July)