To many people in America get the H on the front of hospitals mixed up with Hilton.

Hello good morning how are you lovely people. It’s come to my attention that many Americans here don’t know what being in healthcare entails. Also how the triage system works in the healthcare system. You’ll be happy to know that many and I mean many of us do care about your well being. However you seem to not understand that we aren’t there to just serve you. Just like you aren’t there to serve solely one person.

When you serve your food to the customer is it just one customer there or are you responsible for more than one? When you are building a program for users to use are you serving one person or the many? When you work on manufacturing a product is this product for one person or many? You see where I’m going with this right?

Now let’s delve deeper shall we? Multitasking it’s great. Im sure you’ve done it on more than one occasion and of course some are better at this skill than others. You see you do something called prioritizing when you multitask. You most likely take care of the more pressing and urgent matters. Well believe it or not that is what we do in healthcare! It’s crazy really.

Gosh there are so many intricate parts to the US healthcare system. Physicians over seeing 50 plus patients. Nurses taking care of anywhere between 1-8 patients depending on acuity. Although due to the shortage usually dangerously high no matter the acuity. PCT’s, CNA’s Taking care of usually 12-20 on a good day. Gosh my list goes on. Even EVS has the pleasure of cleaning rooms every 15 minutes. You get the point.

So when you come to the hospital and aren’t seen right away because there is a child dying or someone is crashing, or hell even someone is bleeding out and not doing so hot don’t cop and attitude. Believe it or not we will get to your sniffles and your back pain and your toothaches and all those other crappy human things that bring you in but you will have to wait.

You’ve gone through the ED and now you’ve been admitted because you need further testing or hell maybe you are even circling the drain we care about you. However we will not come fluff your pillow every hour because you feel like you need it. We will not be bringing you snacks and drinks every 30 mins because you down water like an elephant with a trunk. Believe it or not we check when the next time we can give you pain medication because we don’t want you in pain and we don’t want you calling us every 30mins. Trust me we are on top of it. We also aren’t being rude when we bring in the Tylenol instead of the dilaudid believe it or not NSAIDS go a long way when it comes to combating pain.

When the medication we are giving you isn’t working don’t worry we have already contacted the physician to get something else on board. Big hint here we can’t prescribe medications as nurses so we can’t just magically poof orders for you. Sorry not how it works.

So do me a favor while the H’s look very similar on the front of the building we are a hospital and we have to prioritize. Be patient and understand your needs are not always prioritized over someone else’s. Have a good day from your apparently unfriendly horrible hated healthcare shit lord.

To many people in America get the H on the front of hospitals mixed up with Hilton.