Thousand Sons matchup – what the hell am I supposed to do?

Hi everyone!

As the title suggest, I’m at my wits’end on this matter: how am I supposed to fight the Thousand Sons? A guy at my LGS has been constantly kicking my shit in because I can’t put a dent into his army and I don’t know what to do anymore!

* Rangers are 100% useless. Damage 1, max AP3 with Agripinaa, becomes AP0 on Terminators thanks to All is Dust + Cover + Armour of Contempt. Fielding only Vanguards may be a counter, but I’m trying to develop a TAC list and Rangers are still good against other kinds of armies

* Only laschickens seem able to slap the Rubrics and Terminators, but their 6++ is abysmal in the age of melta equivalents everywhere

* We have no mortal wounds outside of 6 MW with Mars for a shitload of CPs in a CP starved environment

* Ruststalkers are **neutered** by All is Dust and Armour of Contempt. That is, *if* they connect, since TS players obviously move their pieces from cover to cover in order to giga stack Light Cover, AoC and All is Dust at all times and declare overwatch on 5+

* The table is peppered with ruins and other kinds of terrain, so a fair field… that only impedes *me* since TS players LOVE terrain and line of sight

* Field control is impossible to contest due to Time Warp, repeat Time Warp through Cabal Points, redeploy shenanigans and relocation spells. Even Infoslave Skull is useless since you’re firing S4 AP0 into Sv2+ units

* Our source of high AP and damage is the ultra inconsistent Neutron Onager. The aircraft and the Skorpius won’t ever see the table since Sv3+ and no invulnerable save is a complete and absolute death sentence


Am I just fucked till mama GW decides to upgrade every weapon to ~~current broken, powercrept standards of AP3 D3 that sell models like cupcakes~~ more acceptable levels?

Thousand Sons matchup – what the hell am I supposed to do?