Tajin is meh

Tajin is cool and all but I don’t think it’s special. It’s mostly just chili powder and citric acid.

I think people are confused and think the “strong lime flavor” is from the added citrus but it’s mainly just citric acid.

I have this Badia cilantro and lime seasoning it has a powerful lime flavor. Or takis fuego chips are another good one with powerful lime flavor.

Tajin taste to me like paprika, crushed hot red pepper, and a ton of citric acid with a very tiny amount of lime.

It’s not bad I use it most days. Though I use a ton of seasonings and condiments though daily as well. Such as Tabasco sauce, garlic, cumin, Tony Chach, salt and pepper, hot pepper jelly etc

Tajin fits in but it ain’t no Takis level of flavor or even close to the amount of lime people say they taste. I do like it though!

Tajin is meh