Super new, need help with rules updates

Ave Mechanicus

I’ve just started collecting my Admech army and have been having great fun putting everything together. Painting starts soon.

I’ve yet to play a game but have been brushing up on the rules, or at least trying to.

I’ve got the codex and I’m trying to work out what changes have been made to the rules in the codex so that I can go crazy with post-it notes so I have one consistent rules reference. I have questions.

1) I see the new MUNITORUM FIELD MANUAL 2022 MK II, fine, I now have a complete new list of points values.

2) I see the new dataslate. It has only two changes for us, a Lucius forgeworld dogma update and an update to the enriched rounds strategem. But the article that accompanied this dataslate mentions giving Ironstriders and dragoons core again and updating some secondary missions. Where the hell is that explained?

3) The Nephilim Tournament update. I’m not going to be doing tournaments, strictly casual matched play . Do I have to buy this book? Does it make changes beyond tournament play?

4) What the hell are seasons? Is this just tournament related stuff?

5) Are the dataslates cumulative? Do I need to go through all the dataslates to see what rules have changed? Is there a complete list of just what rules have changed in the core book and each codex? That would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Got to be honest, if I need Nephilim for match play, I’m just going to pirate it. I’ve already bought the core rules and the codex, is this some sneaky and cynical attempt to make me buy seasonal rulebooks? This holds doubly so if I’ll need to buy every seasonal book as they release them just to stay up to date with the rules.

How are people navigating this bizarre and labyrinthine method of explaining the rules? Is there an easier and simpler way to do this?

Super new, need help with rules updates