I made this story tell me what you think.

A Story about an immortal boy
Chapter one
Middle school

Once upon a time there once was a boy this boy was immortal and went by many names
But this is a tale about his favorite life of all

At the home of the boy he was at hisunloveable mothers house and hated her and his brother he barely got along with one brother But in 5th grade he had crush’s on two of classmates Hayley and Marley they were pretty but never loved him it was sad but enjoyed being with them.

But then near the end of the year COVID happened then everyone had mask and stayed home and did virtual class It was a pain and a struggle Until he finished 5th now in 6th grade the year flew by fast but almost failed school his unloveable mother sent him and his brother to in person he loved getting away from her.

In the 7th grade he met a lot of his old class mate and fell in love with a new girl Kaitlin she was beautiful and rough but never thought she liked him but then they had to change schools then the girl he like had given him a note saying I love you and he was confused cause she said some other girl gave her it and now he determined to find her but on his last day the girl he liked told him the notes from her he felt happy for the first time in his life he wanted to kiss her but she was dating some fat trans kid and late they got in a fight and hated each other and he used to support lgbtq+ but not is homophobic and hates gays and all lgbtq and his mom made him do acting classes and met this beautiful short girl turns out she’s in 8th grade he was surprised but still loved turns out she was dating some one and he was sad.

By the end of the acting classes and days talking he’s grown a really big crush but now he doesn’t have a chance of getting with her but has a brilliant idea he asked which college she might go to and go there to to get closer to her and he got in a lot of fights he looked and acted nice and kind on the outside always smiling but if you start a fight he’ll fight back.

Still in the seventh grade he moved from a private school to public again but in a whole new area there was no good looking girls they were all pretty ugly but he was fine after a couple of months he has barley any friends and is glad he stared doing an other acting class and met cool people there he still hates his mother caused she liked to hit her kids and when he tried to stop her she hit harder and he decided that he would have 10 to 0 friends in his new school and wanted to keep talking to his friends his old friends.

After a couple of months in his new school he met some good friends there all pretty good friends and he love to hang out with them and he hasn’t talked to his crush In a couple of months but decided he would talk to her now and he would talk to her for a while cause he loves her. And her mother decided to keep being hard mean and painful she decided she would bother him the whole time when they were at there grandmas.

It’s been a while since he had anything big happen now he just having fun spring break came he spent it all alone and the he decided he was going to find the love of his life no matter how long it took he will find her now just to work and he was going to ask if she lives in apartment hotel or a house then ask for her middle name

It nears the end of seventh grade he is extremely tired sad and in pain a dumb kid named kaliel kaliel won’t stop hitting him and tobeys a stupid kid he hit him and he really doesn’t know if Tobeys a girl or boy or genderless but no one sent him a candy gram and he feels like no one cares some dumb people in class got some but don’t deserve one while ridding on the bus he hated this kid named Jonathan he was a bully a young stupid kid

It’s been a while since anything bad has happened he thinks but then the school goes to a lockdown for a while this scares him a bit but not that much he later finds out a kid brought a gun to school no one was hurt but his mom wants to put him in home school he thinks and he doesn’t want to do it he does a acting class with his brother he enjoys it makes a friend this friend is a Wierdo he loves her for that as a friend it’s now the last week of school and he has to go and check out what they do at the end of the year he can’t wait to see and go to 8th grade.