Space exploration is a waste of time and money

We have more than enough mysteries and problems to solve right here on EARTH. We should be focusing all of our resources into renewable and environmentally friendly energy, clean up the oceans, improve our air quality, save our forests and jungles, protect species from going extinct at the hands of human beings, figure out how to deal with the massive amounts of garbage humans produce and litter the planet with, solve poverty— find a way to make *OUR PLANET* as healthy and harmonious as possible.

Some people act like they are excited about new pictures NASA took of some stars, nebulas, or a new planet… I cannot understand what they are excited about. The image is usually something like this: .*.●•○°.• … it’s just not that impressive anymore.

It’s a complete waste of time, money, and resources at this point.

Space exploration should be halted until we’ve solved the problems humans have caused for our own planet, THEN go back to space and waste all the time and money they want out there.

I’m sure all the people who have made NASA and all things space-related their entire personality will be highly offended and disagree… but the subject of their obsession is highly overrated.

It seems like some people become obsessed with space because they think it makes them appear more intelligent, but what would *actually* be intelligent is if they could come up with a way to make garbage disappear *without* harming the environment.

Space exploration is a waste of time and money