Post Nephilim Admech competitive AMA 27/06/2022

Hey Techpriests

Its Dadmech, Ive been MIA a bit but looking to get back to the amount of content I was doing previously for you all

Im looking at doing an AMA for the gang here next week once we have all the information regarding Nephilim and points changes, Im no Nilsson but I have been featured on interviews with him, am 4th globally for admech with only 1 GT , and Rickard is I believe on a holiday currently so hoping I can help answer any competitive questions we have brewing

Its no secret we are in a rough spot, but once we get all the information I think we as a community can make something great with what we have

If you want to see me in action pre Nephilim on a stream recently,

Get your questions ready, will see you then!

Post Nephilim Admech competitive AMA 27/06/2022