Looking for hobby ideas for someone with some very specific requirements

Hello! I just discovered this sub and while I will be reading through all the resources and posts that already exist, I thought I’d ask a bit of an odd & specific question to start –

My father is in need of a hobby and has asked me to help him brainstorm. However, he has some specific considerations that are making it hard to come up with a good list of options.

* He’s in his mid 60s and lives in a rural area – southern swampy forest.
* He has a pretty serious, permanent back injury. He can’t do things like running, fly fishing, rowing – things that would be hard on his back. However, he also can’t sit still. Laying or sitting in a single position for too long is worse than moving around, so he’s usually on his feet .
* He still works, although none of his doctors understand how. I honestly don’t think he knows how to relax and have fun, so that’s why he keeps working. He currently works as a fiberglass fabricator, but has also done some commercial fishing, construction, motorcycle repair & painting, boat building, etc. before he got injured. It’s always been physical stuff. I’ve never really known him to have a hobby outside of whatever he was doing for work.
* He liked/likes to hunt, although he can’t use certain guns/bows anymore due to his injury. He also has to walk since riding in a truck down the bumpy dirt roads is not good for him.

I realize this is an odd request and I’ve just given a really random list of criteria, but if anyone has any ideas, they’d be greatly appreciated!

My thoughts so far:

* Dog training. He has several dogs and they are pretty unruly. Thinking maybe I could find him some resources so he can work with them and teach them some skills.
* Maybe food gardening – I know part of why he likes hunting is because he gets food out of it, so perhaps this would be similar?
* That’s all I’ve got so far. Lmao

Looking for hobby ideas for someone with some very specific requirements