Learn A new language or Gym membership

I’m a 20F working as a full-time customer service representative, and a full-time college student. Lately I’ve been feeling of the hook bc my life has been circulating between work-school alone. I used to be a football & volleyball varsity player in high school so I was an active student.

After graduating high-school, i applied for my job and college. I work a 9-5 job and its been totally fine balancing both. This is where I ask, should I learn a new language or working out.

I want to learn a new language because my company offers 3x the pay if you are a bilingual speaker. The language I want to learn is Spanish because it’s easier to learn than Mandarin/Portuguese/Japanese. Furthermore, I’ve been into Spanish Telenovelas which was another motivation to learn a new language. Double purpose

I want to work-out with a gym membership because I’m so tired of the youtube workouts. They are no longer effective to me, and I want to get into lifting. Background information . It would benefit me a lot bc ill be healthier and i want to weigh down bc I’m too chunky already.

Please help me decide! What are ur thoughts

Learn A new language or Gym membership