Jeff the Killer isn’t a very good creepypasta

Ok so I personally am just not keen on Jeff the Killer as a creepypasta.

For me, you can kind of spilt the story into 2 parts, both for me are just as mediocre as each other.

The first half for me is just the most generic run of the mill creepypasta ever and the second half is so far fetched that for me it just gets stupid.

The one thing I can praise it for is the picture. I think it is legitimately quite a scary image but I’ve seen it so many times that it just doesn’t scare me any more.

I prefer creepypastas like Smile Dog which remains less far fetched that it could be believable even though it’s just a story. I also think Smile Dog’s image is scarier than Jeff’s but maybe it’s because U was introduced to Smile Dog later than Jeff.

What do you guys think?

Jeff the Killer isn’t a very good creepypasta