I’ve been attending interviews just to turn them down.

So I kind of have a new hobby.

I apply for jobs and attend interviews with no intention of taking the jobs.

For the past 4 months I’ve been applying for jobs on indeed I make up the qualifications they ask for and on paper, I’m the perfect candidate but in reality, I don’t really exist.

Why do I do this? Well, I like to dress up, and it feels like a real sense of occasion. I get to have a nice day out and visit new places. I go to the barbers get a clean shave, grab breakfast and coffee I feel great and look great.

I walk into the interview room perfectly calm because I’m not worried about getting the job and I completely flip the script what benefits does the company provide? Why should I work there? How are you competitive to other businesses in the area?

The reactions I get range from confusion to interviewers convincing me that I should work there.

Then I drop the bombshell. When it comes to the salary talk I always say it’s not really competitive in today’s market I then look impatient thank them for their time and I just walk out of the door.

A few times now I’ve had emails asking me in for another interview stating that the salary is now all of a sudden negotiable.

I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with me. I’m also sure that the next person that goes for the interview is going to have a much better experiance.

And no I’m not worried about the repercussions I don’t need a job I’m a full-time mature student at the moment and I intend to emigrate once I get my degree.

Edit: I will record My next interview.

I never realised the demand for this. I’m going to post my method and a cv template I use. Working on uni assignments atm so please check back at a later time or perhaps i’ll do an update page

Made a youtube channel where I will post stuff if I haven’t linked here.

Made a little update video as I can’t respond to the thousands of comments.


I’ve been attending interviews just to turn them down.