It is so rude and unnecessary to use peoples driveways to turn around.

This is definitely an unpopular opinion where I live because I have people several times a day using my driveway to turn around, regardless of the fact that there are multiple other places to turn around close by.

So far, 3 people have used my driveway to turn around today. It’s not such a huge deal when we are inside even though it makes the dog bark and wakes the baby. But it really grinds my gears when I’m out with the kids and people use our driveway. The kids automatically want to run over and see who it is although they have been better at showing restraint lol. I obviously have to put things down to discourage this from happening but even then people will slow down and try to before realizing something is blocking it!

There have been several times I’ve been standing 5-10 feet away from the road to block it myself and even with me putting my hand up indicating STOP saying “NO my kids are outside” people still turn in and just wave sheepishly like they are entitled to the use of my driveway. We block it with the car when my partner is off work and that is the only thing that seems to stop people completely. I have a private drive sign coming in the mail but I have doubts they will even see that.

It baffles me because there are literally 8 other places to turn around by my house. I have no clue why they are choosing mine, I must just look super welcoming. Even as I’m typing this, someone almost knocked over my trash can going slow as hell trying to use my driveway to turn around. They continued on to the neighborhood visible to my house and turned around.

Never have I ever used a persons driveway to turn around. It’s like these people have never heard of a 3 point turn. If you do this, please stop lol

It is so rude and unnecessary to use peoples driveways to turn around.