I’m sick and tired of people pretending they have money.

The amount of broke people that I know walking around with clothes that cost thousands of dollars, and phones that cost over a grand is insane.

I’m tired of it.
Stop going broke pretending you’re not.

You don’t need fancy cars to get around, the most expensive phone to text/browse the internet, or the latest fashion to look good.

Everyone I know makes about as much money as me yet you see them buying 50 thousand dollar cars, a 3-4 thousand dollar watch. People are buying fancy bags THAT THEY DON’T EVEN USE! or fucking 600 dollar shoes then wondering why they’re broke all the fucking time.

I’m so sick and tired of everyone pretending they’re bougie.
I’m sick of every soundcloud rapper pretending they’re rich and famous with 20 streams.
I’m sick of people thinking that they should save their entire life for a ferrari or some shit so they can drive it to the supermarket once a week.

Think of the stuff you could actually be doing with that money instead.

You could eat more or better, you could sleep sounder with less bills, or a better bed, you could have time to actually do something you like to do instead of working twice as hard to afford to look like you don’t have to work.
you can do so much more than just buy ‘fancy’ shit with every paycheck.

This idea that it’s shameful to make less than 100k a year is such bullshit and I’m tired of pretending it is anything but.

Go to fucking goodwill. Clothes that fit are better than overpriced 2ndhand supreme merch.
Go to walmart.
Drive a fucking Jetta, who cares?

I’m not even saying not to have expensive hobbies, at least that’s something you actually fucking like to do. Build your 2 thousand dollar PC, Spend 2-3 hundred bucks to go skydiving, buy paints to do art, whatever.

but spending money for the exclusive reason of wanting to look richer than you are, or to impress people with your wealth or whatever is such fucking trash.

I’m sick and tired of people pretending they have money.