How many of you are into candle crafting?

Hello dear Redditors!

I wonder how many participants in this subreddit are into candle crafting? Please write something in the comment section below if you are also doing candle crafting. For how long have you been into this hobby? Can you share some of your creations so far? Personally, my works are embarrassing to share with the public. I’m trying to make something nice. Still, it looks dull. But, I started candle crafting as a therapy and not as a business. Still, it would be awesome if someone shared someone shared some techniques or showed pictures of their craftings.

To be honest, I’ve recently joined this hobby and find it so relaxing. But the most exciting part is that I make candles for myself. I like to watch them burn, and the wax slowly melts. I was thinking of going into the pottery or painting, or something like this. But I’m glad I didn’t go there. No offense, guys! But, I don’t think that my pottery or paintings can impress someone so much that they will pay money for it. Perhaps, they will pay me to stop doing that. Again, as I said, I’m not doing it for the sake of art or money. I just do it as a part of therapy. I need to calm down and wash away all my negative thoughts.

Besides, recently I became obsessed with aromatherapy. I started to learn how different scented oils affect our moods and wellbeing. So, now I’m trying to make different scented candles. I’ve tried to add some natural body oils that I found on my bathroom shelf. But, I cannot say that it worked as I expected. Recently, I’ve discovered products for candle making, such as wax and oils. But, I wonder if anyone can share a secret or technique on making scented candles. I mean something as good as Yankee candles or at least candles from IKEA.

Besides, I would love to learn more about candle crafting. I don’t think it’s a pretty common hobby. But, on the other hand, I hope that I will find someone here who is really passionate about it.

How many of you are into candle crafting?