How do you solve a problem like Death Guard?

Greetings fellow tech-priests,

Fresh on the heels of a surprise victory against Necrons over the weekend , I’ve got my first match against Death Guard lined up in a few weeks. With AoC, I’m uncertain about the best way to build an army against the forces of Mortarion.

For some additional context – it’s a 750pts open play match using the Annihilation mission and no secondaries, so just an outright brawl! I’m expecting my DG friend to be using his brand new Plagueburst Crawler for the first time, but no notion on whatever else he might be fielding.

My own options are limited to:

* Tech-Priest Dominus
* Tech-Priest Enginseer
* Skitarii Marshal
* Cybernetica Datasmith
* Sicarian Ruststalkers x5
* Kataphron Breachers x3
* Skitarii Rangers x10
* Skitarii Vanguard x10
* Kastelan Robots x2
* Onager Dunecrawler

Any suggestion on an army build for this particular task?

How do you solve a problem like Death Guard?