Homemaker needs a hobby or two. Suggestions?

I live with my boyfriend and he is our only source of income due to my inability to work. I stay home and clean and run errands but I’m getting bored as a so called homemaker. In a battle with getting that disability check so I would like suggestions for hobbies that can also generate revenue eventually. Here are some more to the point details about me that may help you with generating good suggestions:

Love to learn just about anything.

Naturally curious 24/7

I love a good challenge

Not afraid of a good challenge. I love them.

Can’t do anything that involves exerting a ton of energy like manual labor type stuff but make that up by being able to handle more of that energy in my mind.

I like working with technology especially my phone and computer. However, I really try to avoid certain types of social media like Instagram,TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

I rather read blogs then watch a video about whatever I’m trying to learn but I still don’t mind learning visually if I have to.

Curious about freelancing.

I’m a good listener and love love love to help people.

I used to work in healthcare as a CNA.


Have so many interests that it would make your head spin so I’ll try to focus on the more obvious ones:

Interior Design


Self Improvement/Development


Graphic Design



Self Expression


Social Causes and Justice

And the list goes on and on seriously I’ll just stop here.

Homemaker needs a hobby or two. Suggestions?