Helping Admech in 9th: a Discussion

Greetings again my fellow 1’s and 0’s its your friendly galaxy neighbor wanting to talk all things robots.

Its no secret we’re not doing to great right now, so just for kicks I wanna know what everyone thinks of my proposal:

What if in all its entirety we tack on Admech’s 8th ed Canticle system on top of what we have right now? Rules and all changed to match keywords and such for the Command phase.
Mars has you roll double dice, Cawl has you + or – 1. Etc etc

I think it would be a fun way to boost us back up into the running, bring back the old tech, the relics.

What are your guy’s thoughts on something like this? Do you think GW would ever stack on another layered buff or are we all just gonna wait til 10th ed.

Helping Admech in 9th: a Discussion