Go hard or go home mentality?

So I have LOTS of hobbies. Lots that I’ve neglected, especially during the pandemic.

The first is going to my local makerspace. Granted, the only machines I’m competent on are the laser and anything in the woodshop. But I’ve always wanted to learn 3D printing and CNC machining and even welding but I get overwhelmed.

The second is whittling, I bought two knives back in late October/early November, tried one time, and never picked them up again.

I’m tempted to just lock myself in at the makerspace and not come home until I make some kind of progress. or if I pick whittling, going to a different environment and not coming home until some progress is made.

Motivation is a bitch.

Drop any advice or encouragement down below.

Go hard or go home mentality?