Gaston was actually the good guy in Beauty and the Beast

I always felt like Gaston got kind of f***ed over in Beauty and the Beast. Gaston was the good guy. Here are the facts:

– town darling Belle was, in fact, kidnapped and held against her will in order to save her father, Maurice. She was there by choice, but it was absolutely against her will, and part of the bargain she made with the beast. so much that she wept about her fate

– Maurice was entirely correct when he went to the local townspeople to beg for help. A f***ing magical castle and ferocious beast attacked him for no reason and then kidnapped and held his daughter hostage

the beast then verbally abused Belle over and over, kept her locked in a room, and phsyically threatened her at least once

– Gaston was obviously adored by the other villagers. Despite the fact that he was a pompous douche. They loved him. Even Maurice wondered by Belle didn’t want to marry him. The village people followed him to their detriment into battle later on in the movie too.

– Somehow, the townspeople didn’t know of the beast beforehand, and perhaps didn’t even know there was a castle in those woods

– When the townspeople showed up, heroically, to save Belle, they were violently attacked by an army of ghostly and animated everyday items. the townspeople didn’t know they were really good hearted bewitched servants

– Gaston had no way of knowing the personal growth that the Beast had gone through

– Gaston died trying to save Belle, literally the woman that he wanted to marry. he charges headlong into a castle to destroy this beast that he logically believes is a violent and dangerous creature

Gaston was actually the good guy in Beauty and the Beast