Filters should be banned

I really don’t like filters, they change everything on people’s face.

I think that filters are even worst than makeup and they just give you a false sense of beauty than you don’t really have, of you don’t like your face just get used to it.

I had really bad acne when I was young and I started to use skin care products and now I have a healthier and, I think, better looking face.

Taking care of yourself is better than using a filter that’s giving you a false sense of beauty and the worst part is that most people who use filters all look the same bcs the filter makes them all lookalike.

So that’s all, filters aren’t good. Be proud of the face you already have.

Edit: ok guys I get it, filters shouldn’t be banned but c’mon at least be proud of how u look, I don’t care if you don’t have a chin or have a big chin or if you have acne that can’t get off even if you try all the skin products in the world, I just want people to not feel ashamed of their real looks.

Filters just make a standard of beauty that isn’t real.

Filters should be banned