customers are the reason for the rise in self check-out lanes

if you’ve been in a retail store like target or walmart i’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of cashiers and probably an addition of more self check lanes. i work at walmart and i’m a cashier, so this is from an employees stand point on this subject. i’ve seen and heard LOTS of customers complain about the lack of cashiers and how now you have to do everything yourself if you shop in store.
my walmart has been hiring for a while, and we’ve had new employees coming in but only for the back of the store. we’ve trained one or two cashiers but the back of the store is getting tons of new employees.

i was training one of the cashiers and i was talking to him about working up front and he said “oh i’m not working up here, but they wanted to train me on a register in case they need to pull me out of my regular position if the front is busy.” and he went on to say that he didn’t want to work as a cashier full time due to crappy customers, karen’s, etc and having to be face to face with them all day. i told him that we have more kind/indifferent customers than we do mean ones but i understood where he was coming from.

our group of current cashiers is also getting smaller every week due to them transferring to a different part of the store. they all say that they would much rather just be stocking items and only have to talk to maybe 10 customers per shift .

so basically, all of our cashiers are leaving and we aren’t able to hire anyone else to cashier because nobody wants to deal with unhappy customers. it tends to be the same customers who complain about the amount of self checkout lanes we have compared to the amount of regular check out lanes. i’ve just kinda connected the dots today that it’s kinda the customers fault there’s no regular checkout lanes, because nobody wants to deal with how they will act if things don’t go exactly their way.

edit: i know the companies are putting in the self checkouts for money, but they still have registers that COULD be open, but they’re not. so customers aren’t the reason more self checkouts are being put in, but more so the reason that the few registers that are there aren’t open

customers are the reason for the rise in self check-out lanes