Cant Decide Which Hobby to Take Up

Iv now gotten into a better mental state and want to stop being such a looser and gain a skill.
Here are my Options

1) Guitar: Iv had a guitar for years and used to take lessons but I dropped it when school got harder, now I kinda wanna pick it back up mainly to learn heavy metal

2) FL Studio: Making the most creative music i can think of… for example something like electro run wave high energy with banjo shit. Like down country schizo beats? Hint of homeless yelling and a dash of semetary nonsense?

3) Learn French: I’ll have to do this before mid summer because i’m visiting my boyfriend’s family in france that only speaks french.

4) Create Cosplay Props: I love cosplay but have never had the money or reason to do it, but I know making cosplay props can make a bunch of money and shit can look baller. I have a 3d printer but I would like to also use metal

5) Fitness: I’m saving this for if a tragic event strikes, but should I get a head start? A year ago I went to a gym but it was such a toxic environment that I had to leave

What do y’all fellers think, if you have any questions or ideas please let me know.

Cant Decide Which Hobby to Take Up