Bully beaten by Necrons

So I just got bully beat The F! UP by a Necron player in my group. I brought a casual list and he brought a fucking storm of a touney list, or as he said, a bit of a heavy list.

I admit, I have never faced Necrons, and it is my 5th battle, but damn ! Silent King hits like a truck and he has core now. I mean… Damn. The buffs.

I played Lucius. I brought Marshal , Manipulus , Technoarcheologist. Datasmith .

20xRangers , 10x Rangers, 3×5 Vanguards .

5xInfiltrators, 10xRuststalkers .

1 las chicken , 5xSterylizors.

5xKastelan 2x onager with Icarus.

1 Dunerider for the Ruststalkers.

I failed both my Sterylizors charge and my 3D6 Kastelan charge after teleport. R.I.P

Bully beaten by Necrons