I’m an American so I am only posting from that perspective.

I think it used to be a real achievement to backpack through Europe. People would go off and see places they had never seen pictures of. They returned with cool stories of the places they visited. They would endure harsh travel conditions. Hitching a ride on a boat, and then walking, hitchhiking, and camping once on the mainland. It varied from person to person but it was real backpacking. It rightly garnered so much respect and the idea was romanticized.

With modern conveniences, it has become reduced to an Instagram right of passage. Europe has globalized, travel is much easier, no longer hiking and camping with occasional hostels. Hostels themselves are basically motels/hotels now. etc…

TLDR: The achievement and romanticism of backpacking through Europe have died due to modern convenience and fading cultures. It is now just an annoying way to go on a vacation and spend 2-3 days in each country.